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Gigueres trampoline gym with children and teenager playing on the numerous setups.

Our Staff

Our specialized staff teach people of ALL ability levels on the trampoline. The program is based on the competitive trampoline system, which teaches everything from the very basics to Olympic level trampoline skills. Our head coach, Sean Kennedy, has personally been through the system and was a member of the United States National Trampoline Team. Sean works closely with all of the Giguere’s staff to provide the best trampoline lessons in the business!

Sean Kennedy – Sean is the trampoline director and head coach of our trampoline team. Sean was a member of the United Stated National trampoline team and competed in the Olympic trials. Sean works with all levels of trampoline athletes. He is a current Guinness world record holder for highest team bounce. Sean also performs with Flippenout Productions based in Holland Ma., which has performed all over the world for millions of people. The group has traveled as far as Hong Kong.

Gigueres trampoline team huddles together while kids jump in background.

Trampoline Team

The trampoline team is for those athletes who want to push themselves on a daily basis. Team focuses on developing complex skills and routines along with strength training and flexibility in order for the athletes to achieve the best results possible. We are competitive at all levels including Elite. Team competes at regional and national levels.

Class Descriptions

A kid flipping upside down in the air after bounding from a trampoline.

Beginner Trampoline Classes – 1 Hour Class – (Different classes for different ages: 4-5, 5-7, 6-8, 8-12, 12+, Homeschool class and Adult Trampoline Class)

Trampoline classes are 60 minutes long and consist of a short cardio warm up and stretching and focusing on various body/landing positions for proper technique on the equipment. In a beginner level class the students learn everything from how to jump using the right technique to the various landing positions (landing on seat, back and stomach) as well as learning how to create flipping and twisting rotation…

Beginner classes also teach the students how to utilize visual spotting techniques to build a solid foundation for more complex skills they will use in the future to increase skill level.

Advanced Trampoline Class – 1.5 hour class

Advanced classes teach the students who already have an understanding of basic technique and skill sets to learn how to successfully and safely develop new skills and connections. The advanced class helps students who are looking to take their skills to the next level and even prepare them to make a step up to a competitive level if desired.

Pre-Team Trampoline – 1 Hour Class

Pre Team is focused on preparing athletes to fine tune their technique and form to switch to competitive trampoline. Pre team uses many different drills and does plenty of new skill development to ensure they can reach all of their goals.

Little Jumpers (Preschool Trampoline) – 30 Minute Class

The Little Jumpers class will help to teach the preschool aged kids who are still developing coordination and special awareness. They will learn how to make various body shapes and basic Trampoline skills as well as use other equipment in the gym to develop strength in all areas while having fun in the process.

Beginner Tumbling Classes – 1 Hour Class

Students will learn the basics of tumbling to build a foundation to support them to any level of tumbling. Basic tumbling classes will set students up to move on to more advanced tumbling skills and reach their goals no matter what they are. We also spend time with the students working on strength and flexibility that will be necessary for them to have to take things to the next level.The Little Jumpers class will help to teach the preschool aged kids who are still developing coordination and special awareness. They will learn how to make various body shapes and basic Trampoline skills as well as use other equipment in the gym to develop strength in all areas while having fun in the process.

Advanced Tumbling Classes – 1 Hour Class

Students in advanced tumbling classes use their strong foundation of basics and work to develop harder skills and connections and take tumbling to the next level. Like our advanced trampoline classes, we extend the time they are in the gym to allow them to work on more complex technique and skills as well as increased strength and flexibility. There is no limit to what they can learn for tumbling in the advanced class.

Little Tumblers (Preschool Tumbling) – 30 Minute Class

Little Tumblers teaches the little ones all the necessary positions and body shapes they will need to learn to roll, tumble, and flip. They will learn the very basics of tumbling while increasing coordination and strength to have a head start in a tumbling class while having fun at the same time. Although the primary goal is to tumble, we also utilize our trampolines to learn some basics on trampoline as well, which becomes a very useful tool in the beginner and advanced tumbling classes.

Open Gym – 1 Hour Class

1 hour open gym class, split into age groups (see schedule for times).

Play Gym – 1 Hour Class

1 hour class for kids from walking to 6 years of age (Monday and Thursday Morning).


Yearly Fees
Membership Fee (per child)
$40 Family Membership Fee $70

Open Gyms Fees
Preschool $10
School Age/Adult $15

Monthly Class Fees
30 Minute Little Jumper Class $70
1 Hour Class $95
1.5 Hour Class $120
2 Hour Class $145


Giguere’s has been a staple for children’s activities for over 45 years. Our trampoline facility contains 10 Olympic quality trampolines, a foam pit, and overhead spotting belts as well as a double mini trampoline and rod floor. It’s the perfect place for your child’s next birthday party!

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Giguere’s Trampoline is a top choice for local camps, groups, organizations, and schools to host events, field trips, parties, and fundraising events!

What makes us so great? We offer:

  • 10 Olympic quality trampolines, the only facility in the area to do so
  • A rope to swing into our foam pit, a double mini trampoline, rod floor, & other equipment to play or exercise with
  • Knowledgeable and outgoing instructors who enforce safety rules and take care of everything for a stress-free time
  • Group rates plus accommodation for large groups
Pricing guide for special events.

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