Kung Fu

Kung Fu

Through trust, compassion, and skill, we help students learn to find their path to excel in life.

Step through the Dragon Gate and embark on a journey of personal growth and mastery. Our dynamic approach to martial arts training goes beyond mere technique – it’s a living practice that evolves alongside each student.
At Dragon Gate, we employ a SMART goals-focused methodology, ensuring every step of our challenging curriculum is tailored to your individual development. With expertise in three distinct kungfu disciplines, we offer a path to black sash rankings that’s both rigorous and rewarding.
But our mission extends far beyond the dojo. We’re dedicated to nurturing critical thinkers and confident leaders who can apply their martial arts experience to any situation life throws their way. In our friendly, respectful atmosphere, every student becomes part of the Dragon Gate family – cared for, supported, and encouraged by fellow members.
In a world where personal connections can be lost in the pursuit of profit, we remain committed to building lasting relationships with our students. Dragon Gate is more than just a martial arts school – it’s a community bound by mutual respect and a shared passion for growth.
From the youngest practitioners to adults seeking new challenges, our diverse schedule of classes welcomes all ages and abilities. Don’t wait to start your journey – enroll with us now and discover the transformative power of martial arts in your life. Embrace the dragon within and unleash your full potential at Dragon Gate

The Five Virtues of the Mind

  • Will
  • Endurance
  • Perseverance
  • Patience
  • Courage

The Five Virtues of the Deed

  • Humility
  • Respect
  • Righteousness
  • Trust
  • Loyalty

In understanding and teaching these concepts we hope to have a positive influence on the lives of our students whether they stay with us for a short while or a lifetime.

Ranks Structure & Evaluations

The White Sash is an “in class” promotion, and is considered the Introductory Rank. The White Sash is earned when an enrolled student has performed an in-class evaluation and has met the introductory requirements.

Upon Promotion to Fire Sash (children) and Orange Sash (adults) the student is no longer considered introductory, but a full-fledged student of Dragon Gate.

The children’s curriculum is a 5 Element based system. It is designed to teach specific methods of movement that are critical to continued martial arts training.

The adult curriculum incorporates the 5 Element training as well as the 5 animal and internal training listed above.

The cost of Sashes and rank evaluations are:

  • White Sash is $25.00.
  • Orange to adult Brown Sash are $50.00
  • Black Sash is a certification in Chinese martial arts studies. This is a lengthy and difficult final examination. The cost for Black sash is $150.00.

General School Rules

Bowing is a ritual sign of respect while entering and leaving, starting and ending. Entering and leaving school (guan) Beginning and ending martial arts activities, including class, drills, sparring As an acknowledgment of respect for your instructors and fellow students Students should not horseplay or speak in an uncontrolled or disrespectful manner. All students should be in proper, clean and tidy uniform when in class. No outside shoes should be worn in the training hall (guan). Students should maintain good hygiene; unclean odors from body or uniform will not be tolerated. Do not attend class sick with cold or flu. Show respect for the training hall; help keep it clean. Work hard, but avoid dangerous overexertion. Never use excessive force in sparring or drills. Observe restraint and control techniques and do not injure a fellow student. Your teachers must be shown the utmost respect; address instructors as Sir or as their Title (Assistant Instructor, Instructor, Professor, etc). Do not point the soles of your feet toward him or show other forms of disrespect. Students must always conduct themselves with dignity and in a manner that will bring honor and respect to themselves, their teacher, the school, and the art. Students are responsible to enroll in their class programs on time. Your teachers should not have to remind you.

Local Kungfu Instructors Honored by World Karate Union Hall of Fame

On Saturday June 28th, two local martial arts instructors, shurfu (Instructor) Umar Arrastia, 35 and shurfu Eric L’Ecuyer, 37, were inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame under the Instructors of the Year category. The inductees are two of the three founders of Dragon Gate Kungfu Academy (the third founder being shurfu John Bradley), located at Giguere’s in Cherry Valley, MA, where they teach Kungfu, Tai Chi, Grappling arts, and Chinese weapons. shurfu Umar and shurfu Eric have been studying martial arts for twenty-seven years, and hold black level ranks in Kenpo Karate, Tae Kwon Do, White Dragon Kungfu, Heavenly Dragon Kungfu, and Tai Chi. They have been teaching on their own since 1993, and are long-standing members of the local community, having operated schools with shurfu John in Southbridge and Worcester, prior to moving the school to its current location at Giguere’s.

Dragon Gate Kungfu Academy is renowned both for its youth-focused programs as well as a strong offering of adult programs. The youth programs concentrate on self-discovery and developing in youths a strong sense of personal growth. In addition to the traditional martial arts programs, other youth programs include the Scholar Program and the Kid Power Program, reinforcing the importance of academic excellence, and focusing on child-safety, including bully-busting and anti-abduction. The youth programs developed at Dragon Gate are perfectly suited for the youth-focused, family-friendly facility at Giguere’s. The adult programs range from beginner to advanced experience, and include Kungfu, Tai Chi, weapons, and grappling, among others. Ultimately, all Dragon Gate programs are designed with respect, responsibility, and safety as primary objectives.